Through the European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership (EARIP), we have developed a roadmap for future investment in asthma research and care. Priorities for research were initially identified by conducting an analysis of asthma overview documents from leading international and European medical societies, patient organisations and policy makers in the field of asthma. To ensure the priorities were relevant for those living with and affected by asthma and carers if people with asthma, nearly over 2,000 people with asthma, carers, healthcare professionals and researchers from across Europe helped to identify priorities for them through a Europe-wide questionnaire. Following this initial prioritisation, a workshop with 29 individuals (those living with asthma, patient organisation representatives, industry representatives and world-leading asthma clinicians and researchers) worked to establish 15 key priorities.

Top 15 priorities in asthma research

Research priorities fall into four broad priority areas; primary care and public health, asthma triggers and risk factors and exacerbations, personalised medicine, self-management and adherence and primary care and public health.

Transforming asthma research

Scientists, doctors and people with asthma from across Europe came together to nd the best routes for progress in asthma research and to achieve better care for people with asthma.

We’ll publish a ground-breaking roadmap laying out the best ways to help people with asthma to breathe more easily, pointing researchers in the right direction to make that happen.


Research questions for the 15 priorities

To make these priorities useable for researchers and researcher funders, specific research questions were developed for the 15 priorities. These were developed by experts in each field to add further specificity and direction to the priorities, making it easier for the priorities to be taken up in the research work plans of the European Commission, research institutes and industry. These will be published in the coming months, if you would like to see the questions in advance of their publication, please email:

There is no doubt that a unified approach to innovation is needed to address the challenge of asthma. It is the opinion of the EARIP project and workshop participants that if all of these research priority areas were funded and research questions addressed asthma outcomes would be transformed across Europe.