Patient Advisory Group

The Patient Advisory Group (PAG) is made up of 9 people affected by asthma from across Europe, who advise on project direction to ensure all outputs are grounded in the needs of people with asthma. Only by involving people affected by asthma – patients, parents, carers and children with asthma – can we ensure that our work addresses the needs of the asthma community.

The Patient Advisory Group  play a key role in ensuring that our work remains patient-centred. Some areas where our patient representatives have been providing input and influence are:

  • Keeping discussions grounded and focused on the needs of people with asthma
  • Asking questions about the rationale and justification for activities –including questions around medicine safety, ethical issues and access to treatments. Questioning the scientific partners about their work  to ensure that the patient perspective, and alternative approaches have been considered
  • Promoting issues or questions which you believe are important to people with asthma and / or the public
  • Acting as a reminder of patient and/or public accountability, both in terms of funding and EARIP’s impact
  • Bringing in knowledge from other related experiences –  including experiences of living with asthma, as well as professional, family and cultural background
  • Promoting the use of plain English in dissemination of project work
  • Lobbying for increased investment from the European Commission into asthma research and healthcare
  • Supporting communication activities around the results and impact of EARIP’s work,  through reviewing reports, attending and contributing to meetings and workshops at conferences, and speaking to the media.