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European Respiratory Society congress 2016: Working together to drive investment and innovation in asthma research


The EARIP consortium will be hosting a symposium at this year’s European respiratory Society congress in London, UK, the symposium is being held on Monday 5th September. 10:45-12:45. Platinum Room 3&4 at this year’s European Respiratory Conference being held at London’s ExCel Centre.

The symposium will present the most important priorities for asthma research and development identified through an evidence-review and consensus exercise by the European Asthma Research & Innovation Partnership including:

  • Basic asthma mechanisms (Prof. Sebastian Johnston),
  • Phenotyping (Prof. Sven-Erik Dahlen)
  • Cutting-edge diagnostics and asthma self-management (Prof. Luis Garcia Marcos)
  • Roadmap for future investment in asthma R&D (Dr Pippa Powell).
  • The view of people with asthma (Kjeld Hansen – Patient Advisory Group member)

The session will be chaired by Prof. Nikos Papadopoulos and Dr Samantha Walker (co-ordinator of the European Asthma Research & Innovation Partnership). The presentations form the basis of a research agenda that will power a change in the way we fund and collaborate on projects over the next decade. It will help us focus on breakthroughs that will support innovation and drastically improve the lives of those living with asthma in Europe.

EARIP - from the perspective of people with asthma

This blog post was written by two of our EARIP Patient Advisory Group (PAG) members , Phil Taverner and Alison Long, who share their thoughts and perspectives on the EARIP project and June's European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology conference.


The EAACI conference

Asthma UK is currently leading a Europe-wide coalition, called the European Asthma Research and Innovation Partnership (EARIP), to establish a European Innovation Partnership for Asthma. This involves making a case for funding under the EU's Horizon 2020 innovation initiative, designed to "drive Europe's economic growth and re-establish its position as a global leader in research and innovation". The bid has passed the first test and been given some time and money to make a full case. Read more...


Calling all asthma professionals: what topics should future research focus on?

We are creating a new action plan to outline research priorities in the field of asthma.

As part of EARIP WP6 we will produce the action plan to inform the European Commission about which research areas require urgent funding. We are calling on all healthcare professionals working in the asthma field, research, industry representatives and expert patients to share their insights on a range of areas including services, diagnosis, monitoring, treatment, prevention and policy.

Complete the survey to share your thoughts:

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If you have any questions, or would like more information contact Jessica Edwards (


EARIP kick-off meeting

The EARIP kick-off meeting was held on 9 September at the ERS Annual Congress in Barcelona.

European Respiratory Society’s Annual Congress, 6-10 September 2014

The EARIP project hosted a workshop to discuss the “case for establishing a European Innovation Partnership (EIP) for asthma”. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss an initial set of ideas and draft the vision and strategic priorities of a European Innovation Partnership for asthma. The meeting was successful in starting to build the case for an EIP for asthma thanks to the contribution of attendees, made up of representatives from key stakeholder groups identified by the stakeholder mapping exercise. This included academics, patient organisations, patient representatives and industry representatives. They shared their experiences, expressed views and made recommendations for establishing an EIP. Minutes from the workshop are available here.

Partner meeting, 11 February 2014

The EARIP project partners and three members of the patient advisory group met for a one day meeting at Asthma UK's offices in London. This meeting marked the mid-way point in the project.